Children shall not be brought into this world subject nor guardianed by these the lineage having sown the seeds

leading life to being accosted by those babylonian brained sKiTting,. lost to manipulating gendered tongues twisted thinking

this idiosy to secret society CONjure resonance purporting sacrifice of life, something useful.

We DONT DO the Hijackers Judaic Islamic CHRISTO Cabbalism - CHI energy center murdering


NONE of the tongues, renditions, versions, nor RiTuaLs.

We WILL NEVER carry the dying constellation CROSS of these ritualist raping.

Funding,. worshipping your BLOOD sprinkling for atonement HE gods and prophets

is an absurdity obviously bordering,. TERRORISM.

We DONT sell our children PRETENDING to be what they obviously are not.

We ACCOMADATE our children, without raping them unto sexual behavior orienting

so they never become a public nuisance nor rapist brained.

We DO NOT sell our children PRETENDING they will be alive,. when their vessel and gift to life

are EXPIRED.. or TERMINATED early,. by the CONjuring of False Flagger Proxy Warring

babylonian brained bonoboist goUvernEment COUNCILS over divides,. again,. rapist sKiTs.

Harvesting Displacing Raping and Murdering Others.

For Starters.

Rape is Rape.. and

 LiFe,. NOT AFTER life.. iS The GiFT!

Hijackers 101
A real CHOICE means you and your behavior have opted OUT.

LiFe,. iS the GiFT!

The,. NON religious, in NO WAY ANY Government TAX system

nor otherwise.. i N t eR T w i Ne d


Society of Friendly Folk,. ... .. . trying to be friendly.

LiFe,. NOT AFTER life,. iS,. The GiFT!
How about these! ?
ah yep,. you CAN send mosT of your money
which will be viewed online where it went,. the
assisting in reestablishing republic SANCTITY and
to here!
Oh alright,. one more.

Quaker tHiS Quaker ThaT, get yourself a Quaker HaT!

Or,. one for everyday of the week while you are at it.


Maybe some of these ?